sebastian agguiar @sebastien I need A Boyfriend :D

Dave @injouriousdave Me too, dont you wanna move to Mex
sebastian agguiar @sebastien Ohoh I wish darling!! :D
Dave @injouriousdave Life is full of "If only"`s
sebastian agguiar @sebastien Nice pic!!! Don't you wanna come to argentina?
Dave @injouriousdave I only wish... But I cant not now, Its... Complicated
sebastian agguiar @sebastien Oh My God, are you merried? XD jaja
Dave @injouriousdave Gosh NO!!! I just have to go to the US to get my passport first and thats kind of complicated cause I need the passport to get in in the first place
sebastian agguiar @sebastien Oh oh I understand :D
Dave @injouriousdave Its not about needing Its about wanting to be happy WITH someone and not BECAUSE of someone
Rodolfo Real @blondgay how do you want your boyfriend?
sebastian agguiar @sebastien He has to be a nice guy,
Jonatan Hashem @jaguaro91 yo tambien
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